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The increasing incidence of kidnapping, armed attacks, political assassinations, car jacking and other variants of social insecurity have created an urgent demand for armed response that is fast, reliable and effective.

Our static and mobile security teams are available on speed dial to quell any form of unrest that may arise. We have partnered with the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies to ensure a rapid response to any form of perceived or actual threat.

Also, we maintain a close alliance with other criminal investigation units in furtherance of specialized investigation work and to gain access to relevant information. You can be rest assured that your safety is our topmost priority.

We achieve this by providing;

Rapid armed response within 10 mins of emergency call

Up-to-the-minute security alert information delivery to mobile phones

Dependable 24 hrs monitoring station

Wireless Intruder Alarm detection systems for homes, offices, shops, warehouses and estates

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Armed Response

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