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Security risks have always been a challenge of the maritime sector. The activities of pirates have grossly hampered the growth of the industry. With the advancement of digital technologies, ships are no longer susceptible to only pirate attacks, but also cyber attacks. At Protection Plus, our experts are current on emerging trends in the maritime sector, and understand the unique security challenges that are peculiar to the maritime sector. We offer technical assistance, risk assessment and intelligence gathering to protect against a wide array of threats.

Our security site surveys and assessments are geared towards promoting business continuity for your critical infrastructure. We apply best practices in providing solutions that mitigate risks and protect client assets during offshore or in-transit operations.

Our services include;

Naval Escorts
Provision of naval security complements for security and escort duties

Field Security Vessels
Provision of a vessel for security use with navy, SSO and crew complement

Ship Security Officers
Provision of local Nigerian SSO to coordinate security activities on a vessel

Coastline Surveillance
Gathering intelligence for the safe planning of a vessel or business operation

Provision of security officers to escort vessels from one point to another, one country to another

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Armed Response

Technical Security