Logistics Services


We support your back end operations to give you peace of mind while you focus on your core business.

Our logistic service is closely integrated with our security support service to ensure you have a reliable, timely and effective solution for your crucial security management needs.

We offer the following services;


  • Accommodation (staff housing, hotels)
  • Ground transportation
  • Support staffing
  • Community Liaison
  • Air transportation (helicopter/ private jets)
  • 24hrs Action Plan

VIP Services

We provide exclusive personal protection services to high-profiled individuals and business executives whose status in society often makes them targets of violence, harassment or other threatening activities.

Our Objectives to the Principal

To prevent intentional and accidental injuries
To protect the principal from unwarranted embarrassment
To promote the prestige of the principal by our professional conduct



The following will immediately be considered upon commissioning;

Threat Assessment
To review the principals’ current profile and identify likely threats to him and his interest

Identify the best plan that will fit the principal to reduce the exposure of the principal and his interest

Develop the required logistic needs, vehicles, personnel and safe havens that will be required to cover the principal and his interest

Emergency Response
Put in place the standard response and evacuation that will ensure the adequate safety of the principal and his interest



Airport Meet and Greet Service:
We plan and arrange to meet the principal before the immigration desk and fast track the principal. Our Airport assistance service is led by a highly trained Supervisor, supported by two efficient security guards. We meet the principal at the base point, relieve the principal of his luggage (if any) and escort the principal to the destination point.

Escort Vehicle:
Our escort vehicle is equipped with a radio communication system, fire extinguishers, first-aid kit, tracking device and a panic button. Our drivers are highly experienced in high-risk operational driving, and are among the best trained in the industry.

Escort Services:
Our escort services are available during the day or night, depending on the principal’s requirements and needs. We arrange both armed escort and unarmed escort that will be with the principal throughout his visit in the destination point (Optional).

24 hours Service:
We work round the clock ensuring that there are no security compromises to the principal right from when he enters the base point till when he reaches the destination point.

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