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We take the security of life and property very seriously. We do not just recruit security personnel, we extensively train them. We recruit, train, and equip our personnel to guard, patrol
and monitor areas to prevent theft, damage, violence and other unlawful conduct.

In addition to personnel, on special demand we use highly trained security dogs who have the ability to detect disturbances from a far distance before any person or alarm will respond. At protection plus, we do not engage a laundry-list approach to every security challenge, we provide tailored security solutions based on your instructions and our expert advice. To achieve this, we engage in intelligence gathering, risk assessment and then deploy the appropriate proactive and reactive measure required to ensure that our client’s assets are not compromised, and their zone is secure.

Our security services include, but are not limited to


Event Security
Risk Management
Security Audit
Guard Force Management
Executive Protection
High Risk Zone Security
Armed Escorts
Corporate Security
Police Security Drivers
Central Monitoring Station
K9 Services


A Protection Plus operative is highly motivated, physically agile and mentally alert. We do not sleep on the job.
We handle every project with diligence, dedication, commitment and passion. Whether it is a residential premise or an industrial premises or a corporate institution, be rest assured that we have got you covered. We maintain a deep sense of dedication to duty, and ensure you get the best security guard service without compromise.

We offer this service in several categories.

Domestic (Residences)
Financial Institutions
Aviation Security
Cargo Security



To maintain a culture of discipline, it is expedient to constantly monitor the Guards at their various locations.

We have a team of seasoned Officers on Patrol duties to ensure that the operatives carry out specific post orders and comply with our company’s rules and regulations. We have clear reporting lines between the management, staff and clients.

A client who is unsatisfied with the service of an employee may lay a complaint, and appropriate disciplinary action would be taken.

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Armed Response

Technical Security